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All Children Belong

We Have Developed a Plan for a Space Where All Children Belong.

What does “All Children Belong” Mean for Imagine Academy Corp?

Our campaign leaders and board of directors are working rigorously to raise $1,000,000 for the down payment of a new property for Imagine Academy and our partner business PRIMAL Strength and Fitness. Our current location is in dire need of repair and renovation and does not meet our needs for working with children who have mobility challenges. “All Children Belong” means that we can purposely design our space to meet the unique needs of our current children, and expand our services to include ALL CHILDREN from “Tots to Teens.”

This project serves our Mission of “All Children Belong.” At Imagine Academy, ALL CHILDREN are empowered to build confidence, strength and friendships with caring mentors who coach with compassion and develop play focused activities that promote teamwork and create an environment of BELONGING. Simply Put: All Children Belong at Imagine Academy.

What are the benefits of “All Children Belong?”

The size of our current location limits the number of children who can experience our programs. Additional space will provide opportunites for Imagine Academy to: provide respite services for children with mobility challenges, increase after school camp attendance by 50%, expand services for tots (2-5 year old children) and teens (11-18 years of age), initiate family wellness activities, and provide opportunites for youth and adults to participate in strength sports.

Respite services for children with physical and neurological difference are difficult for families to find. Imagine Academy is providing a safe, respectful and responsible inclusive program for ALL children to belong. With additional space, our outreach efforts will include further into Dane County, Rock County, and Green County. Respite service at Imagine Academy allow family care givers an opportunity to meet their own needs while knowing that their children are also gaining confidence, strength and friendships.

A new building will further the partnership between Imagine Academy and PRIMAL Strength & Fitness. Under the same roof, all family members will have access to developmentally appropriate strength training equipment. We are not only building healthy children, we are building healthy families and a healthy community.

Our “All Children Belong” Plan

Imagine Academy has been engaged with Friede and Associates since the summer of 2022. Through several meetings, we have developed a plan to “build anew” for Imagine Academy in the Stoughton Business Park. Our plan involves partnerships with PRIMAL Strength & Fitness and KO Bodyworks. Thoughtfully designed spaces for our family of businesses will allow our community to experience a healthy lifestyle of wellness and care for individuals of all ages.

We are building with growth in mind! In our new building, Imagine Academy will have space available for mental health professionals and other therapists to integrate their services into our daily schedule so that transitions for children and families will be minimized.

How will this project make an impact?

Our “All Children Belong” program will have an immediate impact in the areas of; access for individuals with mobility challenges, ample space and materials to meet the sensory processing needs of diverse children, sufficient space for developmentally appropriate strength training and collaborative spaces with PRIMAL Strength & Fitness. As soon as we open the doors, we will be able to offer our programs to ALL CHILDREN and families, whose involvement in our current space was limited. We will stay true to our mission that ALL CHILDREN BELONG.

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We Are on a Mission to Build Stronger Families & Stronger Communities

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Your one time, or cumulative gifts will enable Imagine Academy to “Build Anew” within our community. 100% of your support will be used for construction costs of the new building.

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